Molecules model set

[Science] Introduction to atoms & molecules

El (5y6m) has been really into Science recently. Today, he chose the atoms and molecules set from the shelf and asked for a lesson on how to build carbon dioxide.

I showed him and then we moved to building water, oxygen and other simple molecules.

While we were at the water molecule, he built two of them. So I took the opportunity to demonstrate the basic difference in the molecules’ behaviour in gaseous, liquid and solid state.

We also read part of the accompanying Science Factivity book.

Science Factivity book

(Above: Science Factivity*)

Then I pulled out two of my favorite reference books — The Elements and Molecules by Theodore Gray to show him some pictures and how to use the index to find what he’s interested in.

These books are absolutely gorgeous gems that are bound to pique the interest of children in Chemistry, a subject I love. Where were they when I was a student?!?

The Elements, Theodore Gray book

(Above: The Elements, Theodore Gray*)

Molecules, Theodore Gray book

(Above: Molecules, Theodore Gray*)

El is such a fortunate boy who can get his thirst for learning satisfied. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to share the joy of learning with him.

May you have fun exploring Science with your little one!

~ MieVee

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