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[New Workshop] Home Practice Back to Basics (B2B)

  • Want to learn how to support your child’s learning and give him/her a head start at school and in life?
  • Want to learn tested easy-to-use home practice activities?
  • Want to know how to guide your child effectively even when you have only 15 minutes with him/her?
  • And get support from a group of parents as enthusiastic as you?

Then read on for my latest workshop…

During my Accelerated Learning (AL) certification, I designed this workshop as my capstone project using the AL methodology under the guidance of Ms. Gail Heidenhain, board chair of the International Association for Accelerated Learning Practitioners (IAALP).

This new 2-day workshop re-organises some of previous workshops’ content, while adding new content and modules informed by latest research, such as developing a growth mindset and mindfulness. Based on encouraging feedback from past participants, I also added a module on building mathematics number sense.

By including lots of experiential learning, personal reflection, pair work, group work, hands-on practice and feedback, this workshop is designed to help parents like you achieve much deeper learning and increased confidence when guiding your child.

The first session will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Get all the juicy details here now:

Owlissimo: Home Practice Back to Basics (B2B) Workshop (KL)

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