[Idea] Kids play peacefully when mum showers

Homeschooling means the kids are stuck with me the entire day, so I need to be creative in managing them. Here’s how I get my post-exercise morning shower done in peace

Mum: Children, mummy is going to shower now. El, please come into the room. I’d be locking up for a while. Jae, please play outside.

Kids: Huh? Why? We want to play together!

Mum: Play together? Only children who are calm and peaceful are allowed to play together? Those who aren’t need to be separated when I shower. I need to keep you safe.

Kids: We’ll be calm!

Mum: Really? Ok, you may play together first. If you aren’t calm, then I’ll need to separate you until I’m done showering.

Kids: Ok!

Both continue to play peacefully while I keep a close ear on them. This works in the morning when Jae (5y5m) and El (3y5m) are freshly awake and calm. Evening time when they’re more hyper, this probably won’t work.

Hope it helps!

~ MieVee

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