[Parenting] Loving the middle child

I love my three kids, yet I pay special attention to my middle child (4yo Jae) to avoid him feeling neglected.

  • #1 Vee (now 7yo) was a high-needs baby and is still a high-needs sensitive child. Besides, I need to spend considerable time with him on reading and piano practice.
  • #3 El (2y4m) is also slightly high-needs at times, still sleeping right beside (or ON) me at night. And crazily fights for attention at times.
  • Middle child #2 Jae (4y4m) is naturally independent, pleasant, and loves sleeping.

Sandwiched between 2 high-needs siblings, it’s really easy to neglect him.

So I’ve been dedicating one-to-one time with him since he was young:

  • when Vee attended music classes or kindy, I’d do activities with Jae.
  • there was a period when Vee stopped music classes, so I’d bring only Jae to the music school. We’d reach early and do activities together.
  • when Vee has his Malay home tuition, it’s Jae’s “special time with Mummy”. (I’d make it a point to focus more on him than the youngest.)

He truly enjoys these special sessions together, and so do I. And I believe that when the middle child feels well loved, he’d also behave well.


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