We’re expecting a new baby to our homeschool!

This October, we’re expecting baby #3 to join in our homeschool. After sleeping through most of the past few months, I’m finally 15 weeks pregnant and back to homeschooling Vee and Jae.

During the most tiring phase, all I did was let the boys play (or fight!) when they were awake while I lie on the sofa, trying to keep my eyes open and keep them out of trouble. I read books to them before nap and bedtime, and that was it. Of course, they were bored to tears and came up with all sorts of mischief to overcome their boredom.

Later on, I gained a bit of energy and did simple stuff with them. For instance, Logico Primo and Fun Thinkers with Vee, Noddy Funbook with Jae, Shichida worksheets, and lots of stickers to stick randomly. Interestingly, when the boys have something meaningful to do, they become much more settled and contented. Most likely, it’s the attention I give them when we do learning activities together.

Then, we started playing card games such as Snap, Happy Family and Monopoly Deal. Gosh, Vee is so hooked onto these games! I’ve probably played Monopoly Deal 100 times over the past month. Even Jae has learnt to pretend play with the cards and say, “Nap!” (for Snap)

Recently, we’re back to full homeschooling and Vee has been absorbing like a sponge. He’s in his sensitive period for reading, writing and arithmetic, so I’ve to keep offering new materials to match his pace.

On the other hand, Jae’s always on the move, holding something or working with his hands. We’ve enough toys, learning materials and recycled “junk” (such as bottles, boxes, caps) to keep him occupied, so he’s often happy to play by himself.

I’ll share more details during their quarterly updates this month. Happy Mother’s Day in advance!


6 thoughts on “We’re expecting a new baby to our homeschool!”

  1. Oh my!
    Super congratulations on the third one! 🙂 Are you in your second trimester now?
    Enjoy this time 🙂 Is there anything in SIngapore I can get for you?

    1. mievee @ mummyshomeschool.com

      Thank you very much, Aileen. Yes, in second trimester now. My parents are in Singapore and we’ll meet up soon, so thanks for your kind offer. Cheers! 🙂

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