[Math] Solving real math problems again

The kids’ favourite festival, Lunar New Year, is approaching real soon and they’re getting crazy over lion dance, dragon dance and drums again.

When a child is motivated to figure out something that matters to him, he’d be hungry to learn.

No need for any worksheets, assessment books or tests.

We happened to be at a mall to watch a drum performance. The events listed:

14/2: Dragon dance

Vee: “Mummy, which day is the dragon dance?!?”

Me: “Today is 31/1, Saturday. So work out when’s 14/2.”

Vee: “But it’s Tuesday! We can’t go…”

I don’t know how he got Tuesday. Gave him a quick revision on the number of days in a month using hand knuckles as a memory guide:

Jan: 31 days
Feb: 28 days (or 29 days during leap year like this year. 2016 is a multiple of 4.)

Me (back to the original question): “So 1/2 is on Monday. When’s 14/2?”

Vee: … “Sunday. Next next Sunday!”

Me: “Yup. 7/2?”

Vee: “Sunday!”

21/2? Sunday! 28/2? Sunday!

The Sundays next month happen to be multiples of 7.

Otherwise, just work out using +7.

Me: “That’s why mummy has taught you and your brothers addition and multiplication tables from young. You find them useful?”

Vee: “Yes!”

The above conversation took place during the car ride from the mall back home.

When tucking him to bed, he blurted out, “Mummy, are all even numbers doubles?”

Me: “What do you mean by ‘doubles’?”

Vee: “Like 12 is 6 + 6. 28 is 14 + 14.”

I thought for a while… “Yes, I think you’re right.”

Vee: “I’m going to create worksheets to teach younger children who don’t know this yet and try more challenging math.”

Obviously, I was a pleased mum tonight, glad that he’s developing a mathematical mind and enjoying one of the most beautiful subjects in human history.



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