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Carol is a mum, educator and trainer from sunny Singapore. She writes regularly on education research, creates effective learning materials, designs impactful workshops for parents, and prepares children for Mathematics competitions. Her mission is to show you how to teach your children using effective and efficient ways, helping them achieve success in school and in life.

chinese printable zou zi di puzzle cover 走字底

[Printable] Chinese Radical 辶 (走字底)

Little El is learning to read Chinese and has been mixing up Chinese characters of the radical 辶 (走字底 zǒu zì dǐ). So I made a Montessori-style printable puzzle to help him remember better. It’s very simple… Puzzles pieces… Show the components of each character, spot the differences… Control of error behind each puzzle… Materials …

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banking time learn at home boost learning

Boost Learning With This 10-Minute Reset

Feeling the strain from school closure and having to be your child’s teacher at home? Here’s how you can boost your parent-child relationship and learning with a simple 10-minute reset… This is part of our series at [Learn at Home] During Covid-19 School Closure Invest in “banking time” School closure is a challenging time for …

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