[Language] Making spelling revision fun

7yo Vee has 3-4 spelling “tests” covering 3 languages every week. He’s attending a Chinese school in Malaysia.

I usually try to make the revision sessions quick, fun and effective. I’ve covered some ideas in my Intermediate workshops.

Today I added a new idea, inspired by Montessori’s Pink Secrets:

lucky draw spelling 2

  • copy the words onto (recycled) slips of paper. E.g. A4 paper cut into 8 pieces.
  • use red ink (or your child’s favourite colour) for extra motivational boost
  • fold and put into a box / basket for a lucky draw spelling session
  • child revises first; draws one slip; adult reads it out; child writes; self-check using the slip; correction (if needed)
  • leave the basket on the child’s shelf / study table for further self-revision

As usual, have fun!

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