Free flash cards – math & games (Ten Green Bottles)

Recently, the younger kids love it when I sing “Ten Green Bottles”. So I was inspired to make a set of materials on this topic. The materials cover math quantity, numerals and senses / memory games cards.

1. Flashcards

I drew one green bottle and replicated it. These are printed on A4 (or you may use A5 too). Can be used to show when singing the song, or flash at high speed.

Here’s our little Sinsei Vee flashing and singing to his younger brothers:

vee flashcards sing

2. Game cards & board (bottles)

math dot practice green bottles

Print, laminate, add adhesive velcro.

Activities Ideas:

  • Show quantity for subitising, counting one by one, working with quantity.
  • Make 2 sets to play memory games

Here’s little El who loves holding game cards:

toddler el plays game cards

3. Game cards & board (bottles with numerals)

math numbers green bottles 2

Print, laminate, add adhesive velcro.
Make 2 sets.

Activities Ideas:

  • Arrange in order, learn to recognise numerals. Use one set as control (reference), one set for the child to work with.
  • Play “right brain” senses (guessing) games
  • Play memory games. One set for parent, one set for child.
  • Play games involving game cards with and without numerals. E.g. Show child 5 bottles. Then let him choose between numeral cards “5” and “6”.

It’s fine to play certain games without the board too. Just use the game cards.

math numbers green bottles
There could be even more ways to play with these materials. Let your creativity flow…

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