[New Flashcards] English Words with Man & Men

Ok, here’s a set of flashcards before I pop anytime soon: to demonstrate the correct pronunciation of English words ending with “man” and “men”.

For a long time, I’ve struggled with the correct way to pronounce words such as “man”, “men”, “policeman”, “policemen”, “policewoman”, “policewomen”, “snowman”, “snowmen”, etc. What’s more, Vee is a huge fan of occupations such as policemen, postmen and firemen.

And it doesn’t help that hubby argues that my pronunciation is wrong while I think his doesn’t sound right too.

So I pored through an online dictionary, figured out the pronunciation and came up with this set of flashcards.

Luckily, Vee is quite amused by the pictures. 🙂 And using open-source clipart means these flashcards can be shared with you!

Hope you’d find them useful…

Download here: Flashcards – Words with Man & Men (PDF, 636kb)

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2 thoughts on “[New Flashcards] English Words with Man & Men”

  1. I suppose ‘men’ is pronounced the same as ‘hen’ except with a ‘Mmm’ sound at the begining? Hahaha after reading your post, I’m wondering if
    I got it right myself! 😀 hope you have a blessed delivery!! Rest well!

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